Young and beautiful Helene Fowles and her Manservant ride through the rain on a dark 1804 night. They dismount in the swamps. He leads her into the brush. A gunshot is heard and in a flash of lightning we see the servant emerge alone.

Thus starts three intertwined tales of romance, intrigue, betrayal, greed, and lust narrated by Helene's grandmother, the Countess Lacoeur, doyenne of the rich New Orleans family.

The events begin when Helene's husband, George, pompous and cold, wagers on her fidelity with Brett Beaumont, George's handsome and charming foil. Brett is willing to bet that he can seduce another man's wife but, when stung by cupid's arrow, finds the cost of winning greater than that of losing.

Meanwhile, self-centered and greedy Alec Groschen lies, cheats, and murders to steal the Lacoeur gambling secret, but once he has it, the magic turns against him. A tangled web pulls tighter and tighter as lust, revenge, and love lure each of them into their own private hell. Ultimately, with some unexpected twists and turns (and a little bit of magic), love triumphs over all.


Set in New Orleans during the signing of the Louisiana Purchase, the backdrop for The Queen of Spades is the vibrant multi-cultured city unlike any other in the world, where French, Native Americans, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Americans mingle in the soon to be new American territory.


Production scheduled to begin in 2009.

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Copyright © 2006, Queen of Spades, LLC and Bright Light Studio.

Screenplay copyright © 2006 Jane Beaumont Hall and Richard A. Doyon



Queen of Spades, the movie

Jane Beaumont Hall, Director

Written by Jane Beaumont Hall & Richard A. Doyon

Richard A. Doyon and Jane Beaumont Hall, Producers

Richard A. Doyon, Executive Producer